** Hey guys! So tell me your names, whose in the band, and what are your roles in the band.

RIC ANDRADE : My name is Ric, I play lead guitar.

FILIPE STRESS: My name is Filipe, I play drums.

RIC : Our bass player couldnt come because he doesn't speak English. Andre is sick.

** You guys played for Sepultura last night?

RIC I: No, it was just a cover show. We didnt play WITH them.

** Where are you guys from?

RIC : We are from Sao Luis, Brazil.

** Brazil, wow..that's really nice. What's the weather like down there right now?

RIC : It's very hot right now. We live on an island , we are near the equator line, so the whole year is warm in our city.

** Jackdevil. I think that's a really cool, awesome name. How did you come up with that name?

RIC : It's from a character from a Brazilian movie. He's like a cowboy/bad guy.

** How was the band formed? Who founded it?

RIC : Our bass player and the lead singer knew each other for quite awhile. They played for another band. They wanted to get together and form a new band, so they formed Jackdevil in 2010, close to 2011. Originally, the two of them had another drummer, but there was some problems with line-ups. They found a singer, but he left the band. The drummer left the band, so eventually they found me and Filipe to make this new formation.

** So you guys are a fairly new band?

RIC : Yes.

** That's really nice! You guys are doing so well too. You guys are young. What are your ages?

RIC : I'm twenty.

FILIPE: I'm twenty-one.

RIC: The bass is twenty-four. The singer is twenty-five.

** You're all so young. The first album you came out with was Under The Satan Command.

RIC: Yes

** And that was really interesting because you did everything yourself. It was fully produced in one day in the studio.

RIC: We recorded both guitars and bass together, everyone in the same room, everything in one take, drums in one take too. We couldn't afford extra time in the studio. We recorded it all in six hours total, and that was it!

** Amazing! I understand you got good reviews for it, and the reviews were so good, you made a video for it. I watched the video and it was great!

RIC: It was filmed by a friend of ours. It was free for us. He followed us around in the city. It was homemade.

** Wow! It certainly doesn't look like it! It was awesome. You guys played a show in your city where you played Metallica's Kill Em' All album, from beginning to end. That was cool.

RIC: It was a fund-raiser for our second album. We needed money to record our second album. We wanted to do it in a real studio. It ended up being kind of cheap actually, but we didn't have money , so we decided to make Metallica covers.

** I wanted to mention something about your nickname "Thrash Demons". I can pretty much understand how you got that name after watching your videos and listening to your songs, so I think it's really awesome, but how did that nickname come about?

FILIPE: Someone called us "thrash demons" once.

RIC: It just stuck. We started using it ourselves.

** Your second EP is called Faster then Evil. Tell me about that one. When did that one come out?

RIC: It came out in January of this year. We recorded it last December.

FILIPE: We had just gotten together, and we recorded it really fast.

** So you're saying that Faster Than Evil was better made than Under the Satan Command?

RIC: Yes. Under the Satan Command was like a cheap demo.

** How long did it take to do Faster Than Evil?

RIC: I think one week to record, and the rest of the time it was just mixing.

** You know, the thing I thought was really nice, was that you guys had toured with the Canadian band Skullfist.

RIC/FILIPE: They're awesome guys! They're really cool.

** And you guys played with them up in Canada? or were they down there where you guys are?

RIC: They were doing a Brazilian tour.

** How did you guys manage to get that?

RIC: We like to do everything by ourselves. So we went and talked with the two managers, and asked them to put us together because we really liked the band, we wanted to play with them. So we just asked for traveling expenses, we didn't really get paid for the show itself. We just wanted to play with them.

** What was that like playing in front of ten thousand people?

RIC: It was scary.

** You're getting ready to tour across Brazil, and you're going to be doing shows alongside Hirax and Possessed. That's pretty awesome. Is that going to be a paid gig?

RIC;Yes. We're getting paid very good!

** Nice! You've been featured in heavy metal magazines, blogs, and websites. You guys are doing really well! I see your influences are Slayer, Motorhead , and Iron Maiden.

RIC/FILIPE: Alot of 80's bands. Early thrash, and British heavy metal.

** When are you guys going to start the tour with Hirax and Possessed?

RIC: It's OUR tour, and we will play with Hirax, some shows but not every show, not every city.

** You guys want to come to America one day?

RIC: Yea. We really want to. If we get the chance we will.

** You know, America needs it. We need some music like yours.

RIC: I think we'll get to do it eventually.

FILIPE: I'll be waiting for that day.

** You guys were 2012's National Revelation Band after the release of your second album. It was for the rock and heavy metal website Whiplash. You were the Best of the Year, right?

RIC: Yes.

** What does that mean, National Revelation?

FILIPE: The public votes for their favorite band.

RIC: The website is the biggest one in South America , I think, for hard rock and heavy metal.

** So the readers elected you guys?


** That is awesome! After your tour, you're going to record and release an album, right?

RIC: Yes. People are asking us to do it, so we are going to do it.

** Do you already have some songs or ideas planned for the next album?

FILIPE: Yea,, a whole bunch of stuff.

** Do you guys know what you're going to call it yet?

RIC: We have some ideas, but nothing concrete.

** I had a really great time interviewing you guys. I think you're awesome. I hope you guys can come to America sometime. Thank you for letting us interview you.

RIC: Thank you for having us.